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I am a doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary PhD program at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Under the supervision of Dr. Megan Bailey, my thesis is analyzing how advocacy by different private stakeholders affects international policy decisions in multinational tuna fisheries. Specifically, my work is evaluating the evolving relationship between eco-certification bodies, industry-led conservation groups, environmental non-governmental organizations and government delegates through Regional Fishery Management Organizations (RFMOs).


I have a particular interest in how the knowledge, influence, and capabilities of different stakeholders can be maximized to achieve mutually beneficial conservation and management objectives. Through my work I seek to identify pathways for success as a means of developing practical solutions. I hope my work can be used by policymakers and stakeholders working to ensure equal access and benefit from tuna and other fisheries, as well as those developing strategies for conserving them now and for generations to come.

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